Evolution of the City by BestReviews

Visualizing the changes in today’s city. The BestReviews sequel to “Evolution of the Desk,” which was viewed by around 300M people around the world. — Best Reviews (H/T: spike)

from BestReviews http://bestreviews.com/electronics#evolution-of-the-desk


2 thoughts on “Evolution of the City by BestReviews”

  1. Hello,

    I am the original producer of the Evolution of the Work Desk that you featured in this insightful article here: https://collectiv3intelligenc3.wordpress.com/2017/01/24/evolution-of-the-city-by-bestreviews/. The content you have posted is from BestReviews. We are happy for you to keep it up as long as you mention the original producer, BestReviews, and provide a clickable link to the original source of the idea: http://bestreviews.com/electronics#evolution-of-the-desk

    We spent a lot of time and resources creating the video and would like proper attribution. Thanks in advance for your support. Happy to share information on a few of the many hundreds of publishers who have correctly cited us in cases like this.

    Please reach out with any questions.

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