[Meta] Can we get some moderation here?

As many others have brought up, constant trolling/flaming comments are going completely unmoderated in this sub. Every discussion thread that gets more than a couple comments attracts the trolls who bring the whole conversation down into nothing but insults and copy/paste taunt comment spam.

/u/NadsatBrat, /u/Xenophon1, /u/sandsmark can we get some more moderator involvement here, or if you don’t have the time, get some more people added to the mod team?

The first rule on the sidebar makes things pretty clear that the discussion is to remain civil, or there will be warnings and then bans, but it’s been months now of the trolls with no action taken.

It’s not even a judgement call, or anything. These are some comments from the last 24 hours alone:

LOL. I knew you were a faggot. A machine worshipping faggot, no less.

You fascist jackasses are powerless.

Fuck you.

This could be a decent sub for discussing AI if the rules could be enforced at all.

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from Artificial Intelligence http://ift.tt/2pMpYvo


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