Question about STDP learning rule

Spike time dependency learning rule states that if a presynaptic neuron fires before the postsynaptic neuron, than the synaptic efficiency between them strengthened. And if the presynaptic neuron fires later, the synaptic is instead weakened. Here comes the problem:

  1. The postsynaptic neuron fires because of the increasing potential due to the presynaptic output spikes, than when will the presynaptic neuron fires after the postsynaptic neuron? It sounds that doesn’t make sense.

  2. Does STDP rule works same in both inhibitory and excitatory synapse? As soon as inhibitory synapse decrease the membrane potential, STDP rule tunes the weight on the synapse no matter how the current on the synapse works.

  3. In a Leaky and Integrate Fire model, there are two component of current: synaptic current and external stimulus current. As I saw on this website: When I am doing a sensory robotic project, is the external stimulus current stands for the sensory input? Thanks a lot

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