I want to move into AI for hobby and fun. I do not code, but I could learn. Which language should I start with and what will I need to learn in what order?

Seems like the big question to ask.

Basically, I can use a computer with no worries, I can read Assembly, html, pascal, a bit of visual basic and little bits of various languages as I have needed them.

I am not well versed in php, ruby, visual basic or any of the C variants and these are the real go doers of the languages world so I need to learn one.

Any ideas as to which one I would find most useful with regards to a) ease of learning… i don’t want to be spending a decade memorizing a language to find it has become obsolete (b) i want to create a few neural network type things to play with, i have access to a few large data sets that no one else does (that i cannot share sorry… maybe one day i will be able to anonymize it and smuggle it out…) and I also just want to be able to program things that are actually useful in real life.

I will need to self teach as i don’t currently have the time to be going to a course or agreeing to certain time frames.

Phew… there we go…

Any help will be appreciated and i hope to see you inside the matrix or the nexus or whatever our eventual machine overlords stuff us into.

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