How exactly should I structure my education?

I’ve decided the things that interest me… It’s a cross between philosophy(Analytical, Metaphysics, philosophy of math/mind), Math (mainly logic), AI/AGI, Cognitive Science(from the cs perspective). I’m unsure whether to major in philosophy, cs, or math. I would major in CS but it’s under the school of engineering and I personally don’t relate to that of an engineer. They want to build things with existing knowledge while I strive to understand ‘why’ and attempt to answer philosophical questions. ‘How do you build an intelligent machine’ seems pretty foundational to me but AI, at least in the CS sense, seems very ‘engineery’. Questions on reality, consciousness, AI, logic, computation all interest me.

Books like GEB really got the better of my curiosity im just not sure where or how to go about a career in research onto these topics.

I could major in cs go to grad school for AI but then I feel like im missing out on the larger picture and just learning the technicalities.

I aspire to be some sort of AI theorist/scientist, philosopher/logician, computational cognitive scientist…

What would you guys recommend?

I’m 18 and entering university.

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