Is consciousness a prerequisite for “human like” intelligence?

Looking at the human mind it seems that we have conscious intelligence and unconscious intelligence. Examples of conscious intelligence are reasoning and your inner monologue. Examples of unconscious intelligence are problem solving that happens when one is asleep. And I would also argue that vision and hearing are also examples of unconscious intelligence (we are not aware of everything the eyes can see and the ears can hear, but it is still being processed by the brain and acted upon intelligently).

Also it seems that many of the advances in AI are regarding what I call unconscious intelligence.

Does this mean that we are not really getting any closer to an AI that can be conscious? And if so, does that mean that we are not getting closer to an AI that can for example do human-like reasoning?

I hear many that say that super intelligence will lead to consciousness. Or that a system that processes enormous amount of information will somehow become conscious. But I don’t see any arguments or experiments that speaks for that view.

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