Leaky integrate and fire sampler

The LIF sampler works as integrate an continuous signal with average function and compare to a threshold, then stimulate the presynaptic neuron to fire when it reaches the threshold.

I have an input to an RBF, and then entering the LIF sampler. After the sampling I expected to get an square pulse of same height, width, center with respect to the RBF signal, while the square pulse reaches the threshold shortly before it ends.Then why should I model an RBF signal since I know the LIF sampler will output a square pulse which is easier to implement?

Shortly speaking:

Now that I have an continuous signal to the LIF sampler, and I know that the output is a square pulse which have same settings with the continuous signal, then what is the significance to model the continuous signal?

Or it may just an process that we should know in theory, while during coding we just implement the result as an square pulse input to the presynaptic neuron, no needed to set up an RBF(continuous signal)?

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