Letting virtual AI creatures and genetic algo create and learn their own language then translate to english

Language and communication is more than just sharing words. Two entities communicating must have enough common ground to understand each other. All we can do with AI is feed them some text and they might probably learn what words usually come together. But they cannot understand them the way humans do. Humans can experience the word "jump" but computers cannot.

A virtual world like Polyworld (by Larry Yaeger) can be created with a focus on language. Virtual AI creatures will have common ground (they have a common world). They will be able to send plain text to be received by surrounding creatures. Like polyworld, at first they will be dump and just send some gibberish. But after running the world for awhile, the text they send might start to show some patterns.

As a simple starting point I was thinking of a world resembling a predator-prey relationship. The ‘predators’ send a certain character set different from the ‘preys’. My prediction is that the preys will eventually learn the character set typically sent by predators, then react accordingly when they received them.

We can then look for patterns in the sent text and look for the best english translation. Then we may be able to translate english back to the new language. With that, we are communicating with them. There you have it, an AI that actually understands a language.

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