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Which are the top #ArtificialIntelligence #algorithms ?

*Source: Importance of Algorithms in Machine Learning & AI

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Algorithm – it is no longer an unknown term for many of us, and today, algorithms exist in every aspect of computer science. Algorithms are widely used in different outperforming fields such as social media, e-commerce, transportation, healthcare, education, etc. With the growing technology trends, algorithms these days are considered as the key building blocks for Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

An algorithm generally is a sequence of instructions, which eventually confirms the successful completion of a specific task. Being humans, we apply algorithms to perform some actions in every aspect of our daily lives. The algorithm makes us to break anything into small steps, for easy and effective understanding of the complex things. For example, on a fine morning when you are ready to leave for the office, and you can’t recollect where the car keys are. How would you find them? One smart approach might be the application of an algorithm, which is a sequential procedure to locate the answer (keys) quickly. At first, you will look at the places where you usually drop the keys. Next, you will recollect the last occasion when you have used them. Later, you will check the first room where you went, when you have entered the home. Eventually, by the flow of steps, you will find the car keys. Thus, the knowledge of algorithm stands to be a valued asset for enlightening our daily lives or even the lives of others. With algorithms, there is no limit for us to imagine, and making them real.

Benefits of using Algorithms There are numerous benefits of using algorithms in both our personal and professional lives, which becomes impractical to explain all of them in a single article. However, some of them are explained below. You can transform any complicated thing into an algorithm, which will help you in the decision-making process. Instead of creating a to-do list, you can write an algorithm to prioritize your daily tasks. Based on your preferences and historical data, you can write an algorithm to get recommendations on what genre films to watch. You can write an algorithm to foresee the best available time for you to go on a vacation.

Algorithms in ML & AI Machine Learning is a set of algorithms that empower the software applications to learn from the previous outcomes, and enables to draw simplified results in the future without any human intervention. For example, when you make a typo while searching in Google, it gives an automated message as “Did you mean….?”. It is the result of one of the Google’s Machine Learning algorithms that suggests based on your previous searches.

Artificial Intelligence is a set of algorithms, including Machine Learning, which makes the machines smarter. It gives machines the intelligence to successfully perform any logical task that a human can do. For example, an AI application can recognize the faces in a picture as the humans generally do.

Algorithm Characteristics

While writing an algorithm, it is recommended to consider the following characteristics:

  • The algorithm should be finite – if the algorithm continues in the loop, endlessly, then it is completely useless to create such an algorithm.
  • The algorithm should be well-defined – every step of the algorithm should be precisely defined, and instructions must be clearly specified for every case.
  • The algorithm should be effective – the algorithm should meet the motive behind its creation, that is, it should deliver an effective solution to the defined problem.

** Steps to Learn Algorithm Coding:**

To learn algorithm coding, you are required to Start by choosing any programming language with which you are comfortable with. For easy and quick learning approach, ‘Python’ is highly recommended.

  • Develop your programming knowledge and logic on the selected language.
  • Learn data structures; begin with the basics like arrays, lists, vectors,, and progress on to the advanced concepts like graphs, trees, etc.
  • Start practicing simple and most commonly used algorithms. Even it takes more time for each algorithm, always endeavour to thoroughly understand every step of the algorithm.
  • Once you have found yourself comfortable with basic algorithms, start creating your own algorithms.

It is anticipated that this article founds to be helpful for you to leverage your thinking capabilities to learn, build, and execute algorithms for making your career better.

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