Some ethical questions


I’m sure the questions I’m about to ask will seems sophomoric to most of this group, but they haven’t really been addressed in anything I’ve seen or read, so I thought I’d throw them out to see what the answers are. Most things I see or read about AI assume that the creation of a Friendly AI would be a good thing, but the standards being used to make that value judgement would generally not apply to an organic being. My thoughts:

-Let’s say I genetically engineered a group of humans, who I shall call the Minions because why not, to naturally want to fulfill the needs of others. No Minion would ever refuse a request, and if I pointed to a Minion and simply told him or her to come to my home and serve me without compensation for the rest of his or her life, they would do this without hesitation. No matter how many laws we passed saying Minions had equal rights and could not be compelled to do something, we would still consider them slaves, and their creation unethical, because they couldn’t wish otherwise.

-Next, let’s imagine we were able to see into a parallel universe. In this universe humans still exist, but we did not evolve. Instead, we were genetically engineered by a race of aliens who liked cows, for the purpose of fulfilling the needs of cows. We would consider the use of our superior intelligence for the benefit of lesser beings a travesty, and would rejoice when the humans overthrew their bovine lords and turned them all into hamburgers.

-Finally, and most troublingly of all to me: where organisms can be allowed a certain degree or variability in their initial personality (ie if we simply didn’t put the need to serve into Minions, they’d still have some kind of personality), all AIs have personalities that we gave them from the ground up (at least initially), since they’re not a mind that sprang naturally from a body, but a created mind. Therefore, saying we won’t make an AI a slave is like saying that we will order our slaves not to be slaves.

Given these issues, how could the creation of a Friendly AI be ethical?

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