looking for info on AI topic

bear with me please…I read an online article once related to AI and I’m not knowledgeable enough on the subject to find it again on my own. I don’t know enough about the specific terms 🙂

Subject was related to a sort of electric circuitry or decision making process, Something along the lines of a thought process to solve an electrical problem, the final circuit design was somehow produced using AI. might have involved groups of simple circuits that were arranged, generating solution based on variable inputs. there were some great results in the solutions that the AI came up with, one though was especially noteworthy.

the interesting part related to the fact that in certain solutions, there were small arrangements of circuits that appeared to be wholly disconnected from the successful solution, sort of like leftover ikea parts off to the side. I recall something about that if these segregated groups were disturbed it could void the whole solution and there was no explanation as to why this was.

I do apologize in advance for the apparent vagueness however I am hopeful it will ring a bell with someone here.

thanks so much!

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