The Robots Are Coming: Here Are Some Jobs That Won’t Exist in 10 Years

By South China Morning Post

June 14, 2017


Automation has already caused job losses in a number of industries, and computer scientists reckon there’s a lot more to come. “Almost anything a typical human can do with less than one second of mental thought, we can probably now or in the near future automate using AI,” says Andrew Ng of Stanford University.

Couriers are among the first in the firing line as delivery firms and online retailers increasingly turn to new technologies. And there’s really no need for someone working in law enforcement to spend hours going through tapes or video records searching for evidence because AI can do it better and faster. 

Call center operators are likely to be replaced too. Even the medical profession is not immune to automation because computer scientists believe AI is more accurate at tasks like images and speech recognition than humans. Radiologists might soon find themselves out of a job.

From South China Morning Post
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from Communications of the ACM: Artificial Intelligence


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