We are an independent DEV group with A.I. experts

Hi folks 🙂

We are an independent group of senior, mostly clojure developers looking for new opportunity. We are very informal group of geeks 🙂 We are working on some A.I. and Machine Learning projects now. Some of us are PhDs in ML and have a lot of experience with ML. We would like to find some interesting projects to work on or ideally join some startup.

Most of us are Clojure developers with PHP, Ruby and Python backgrounds but we are familiar with Amazon AWS, JS, Machine Learning, Node.Js, PHP, Angular, C# (.NET Core), C++, PostgreSQL, ReactJS, Scala, Presto, Docker, Linux and many others. We are polyglots, but we mostly work with clojure.

Ideally we are looking for some long-term cooperation, we don’t like to switch between projects too often. We are based in the Czech republic, one of us is in SF.

Two of us are former Scrum Masters and two Agile coaches, there’s no problem to use any agile or lean approach you’ll like. Now we are fully functioning team, but we are able to work individually as well.

Also would like to connect with other developers to share great ideas and tips. We even teach on universities, so always happy to help with anything related to software development:)

Let me know If you have any questions.

Thank you

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