Could a rogue AI, given piece of the total market share of Bitcoin, manipulate the currency on its own for human’s benefit?

Suppose some of the earliest and richest adopters banded their wealth together right now to form a single entity. Then, say 10 years from now, Bitcoin or whatever crypto prevails, is heavily adopted by the world and it has a large majority of the market share. Assuming it would keep amassing more from now until then, what kind of influence could it have as one? What if it dumped all of its shares at once? Would this create a significant change in the market? If yes, what is stopping it from manipulating the currency for beneficial economic reasons? It could be always be group of rich people with grim intentions too, but what if it was a rogue artificial intelligence programmed to regulate the economy and no person even controls it or knows about it? I know AI is getting smarter and I’m getting dumber so bear with me, but could someone, or thing, implement a powerful regulatory program and then leave it on its own to benefit us through buying and selling of its shares? Could this happen without anyone knowing? I guess this is kind of a bitcoin related question too. I found a blog post that talks a bit about the subject, but I’d love to learn more.

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from Artificial Intelligence


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