Will “NetNavis” be real?

Firstly; for those unfamiliar, a "NetNavi" is a sentient, or semi-sentient, computer program with a virtual body and artificial intelligence designed to be an assistant for the operator. While they can form strong friendships with their Operators, they are still assistants at their core. They currently only exist in [the MegaMan Battle Network]http://ift.tt/1bRv7b6) universe and not in real life. However, with new A.I assistants like Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and the upcoming Amelia, we can see the demand for human-like A.I assistants rising quickly. Imagine always having a digital friend at your side 24/7. You could work together on projects, play games together or just have discussions and everyone could have their own NetNavi. All these reasons are why I believe that NetNavis will be a thing. So, what do you guys think? Will "NetNavis" ever be real, and if so, what do we require for them to be?

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