Artificially Intelligent Painters Invent New Styles of Art

By New Scientist

June 30, 2017



Researchers found that humans could not tell the difference between works created by an AI system and those made by contemporary human artists.

Credit: Rutgers University

Now and then, a painter like Claude Monet or Pablo Picasso comes along and turns the art world on its head. They invent new aesthetic styles, forging movements such as impressionism or abstract expressionism. But could the next big shake-up be the work of a machine?

An artificial intelligence has been developed that produces images in unconventional styles — and much of its output has already been given the thumbs up by members of the public.

“You want to have something really creative and striking — but at the same time not go too far and make something that isn’t aesthetically pleasing,” says Ahmed Elgammal at Rutgers University, a member of the AI art algorithm team.

From New Scientist
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from Communications of the ACM: Artificial Intelligence


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