Want to get in AI but completely new to computer science.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning is something that fascinates me and I’d like to learn more about it and even start coding.

I’m currently in my third year in civil engineering and am pretty good at maths. Have done linear algebra, calculus and most other things that are part of an engineering program.

I plan on completing the University of Helsinki MOOC to learn java and programming. I also want to do Harvard’s CS50 to learn the fundamentals of computer science. This is something I’ll have to do in my spare time as my uni semester is about to start again.

But it’s something I’m passionate about learning. So what do you guys recommend for a complete newbie. Is this something I can learn on my own and what path should I take? I’m guessing I should teach myself to program first and then get into the machine learning stuff down the road. I’d just like some advise on resources and best method for a complete noob to computer science to get into machine learning and AI.

Thanks in advance.

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