Should I study artificial intelligence or machine learning?

(Note: I have already done some digging in this and even other subreddits, and while I found some learning-advice related questions, I didn’t see any like this one.)

I am a self-taught student and am looking to increment my load of learning material during these days.

Simply put, I am stuck in deciding whether to learn artificial intelligence or machine learning. I am aware of the differences between AI and ML, but not so much of what I should expect from learning a subject or the other. Generally (and not specifically – perhaps this thread could turn out useful even to other users) speaking, in what circumstances should a professional or a student learn artificial intelligence, and in what others machine learning? (Or if both, which one first?)

As for me, I’ve already studied Calculus 1 (or "mathematical analysis 1", as is called in my country), discrete mathematics, more than half of linear algebra than I was supposed to learn, and have started since very little with probability and statistics.

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