Artificial Intelligence Discord server

Hi! My name is Antoine. I am very interested in Artificial Intelligence for many months and I recently (a few days ago) created my own Discord server for this purpose. The server is still pretty small that is why I posted this to share it and gather people who have the same interest as me!

The invite link is: We have many sections like "vision", "game", "natural language processing", "machine learning" with a few channels in each.

I am currently working on a little project with genetic algorithms that I share and describe in the server. Here are some pictures and gif (former to new):

It is a project where little cells evolve! In the last gif, I have implemented a multicellular eukaryote (in blue) and there are also two types of prokaryote (phagocyte in orange and non-phagocyte in green).

Hope you guys will like my project and my server. Please feel free to join or to send me PM!

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