Should there be a shift towards data collection in Science to feed the future AI rather than doing normal experiments?

It seems inevitable that in the nearish future (5-30 years lets say) that AI will develop the the point where it can design its own scientific experiments and draw its own conclusions to a very high standard of quality and basically replace the job of scientists.

What it wont be able to do is the actual data collection, because that requires human hands and bodies to take blood samples, tissue samples etc.

I’m predicting that when this level of AI arrives, scientists will realize that the AI needs more data and there will be a mad scramble to collect more data to feed it.

Shouldn’t this be anticipated? In which case normal scientists should start to shift away from dong experiments themselves and only collecting data that is limited to their experiment. Rather, they should just do data collection on absolutely every aspect of the human body and nothing else. They should compile all this data in a huge database that they can feed to the future AI, which will promptly cure all disease, providing enough data has been provided.

Am I wrong?

Thanks for reading

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