Strategy for going through Russell’s AIama

I am currently going through Russell and it’s been much slower than I thought it would be. Not in a bad way, but I keep getting distracted as sections pique my interest and I go down the YT rabbit hole. Typically it’s started as visualizing algorithms, then I find an academic paper or two to read, etc. etc.

My primary goal is to develop a good foundational knowledge on broad topics regarding AI before this semester starts since I won’t be able to study much outside of the unrelated classes I have to take.

The Udacity course, Intro to AI which is partially taught by Norvig and focuses on many examples from this book does not take a linear approach. Instead it pretty much covers the first two chapters from each section (Intro, classical search, probability, learning, planning; and then goes into specific areas like computer vision)

If I’m trying to get the biggest bang for my buck over the next month, should I just focus on this higher-level approaches to different areas, or should I continue to read through linearly (which would most likely have me start skimming more)

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