Seeking advice and guidance for a career path into this field

Hello. I am a currently 20-year-old college student who is between degrees: a year deep into my Biology major, I’ve decided that I would like to explore the field of Computer Science/Engineering which has always been an interest of mine since I dabbled in python in high school. Specifically, AI has always been a buzz word for me, though my formal knowledge is pretty minimal.

I live in South America and can study at university for free. The way the system works where I live is that I would be studying for a B.S. in Computer Engineering with courses that obviously focus on math and programming. I could probably dabble in some courses related to AI/Machine Learning, but specializing would probably be a postgrad.

However I have very little tangible knowledge about what my prospective life would look like. How difficult is it to break into these fields? What is the average day-to-day job like? As enthusiasts, could the people of this subreddit tell me how satisfied they feel in their jobs?

From my point of view as an undergrad trying to find information about the practical aspects of life with this degree, I am intimidated by a lot of the hardware terminology I see thrown about on sites like Quora in questions related to computer engineering/machine learning etc. Do these topics become more approachable as knowledge deepens? Maybe that’s a silly question, but from my basically layman POV it worries me.

Any help would be very appreciated. Obviously, my life is my own and in my hands, but having a little perspective could help me better plan my life as a uni student and what comes after.

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