ICICT 2017 : CFP – The IEEE International Conference ICICT at India, Due: 4 Aug 2017

Dear Colleagues,

The IEEE 2nd International Conference on Inventive Computation Technologies (2nd ICICT 2017) is being organized on August 24-25, 2017 at Hotel Arcadia, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India. This conference is technically sponsored by IEEE Madras section AES Chapter.2nd ICICT 2017 will provide an outstanding international forum for sharing knowledge and results in all fields of science, engineering and Technology. 2nd ICICT provides quality key experts who provide an opportunity in bringing up innovative ideas. Recent updates in the in the field of technology will be a platform for the upcoming researchers. The conference will be Complete, Concise, Clear and Cohesive in terms of research related to science and Technology.


Including but not limited to the following topics.

Data Communication and Computer Networking

– Cryptography

– High Speed Networks

– Mobile Computing

– Mobile Networks & Wireless LAN

– Optical Networking

– Network Based Applications

– Network Security

– Next Generation Web

– Recent Trends in Computer Networks

– Wireless and Adhoc Network

– Wireless Multimedia systems

Software Engineering

– Agile Software Development

– Architecture and Design

– Aspect-Orientation

– Cloud-Computing

– Data Mining Systems

– Dependability, Safety, and Reliability

– Development Tools and Environments

– Databases

– Data Warehousing Systems

– Empirical Software Engineering

– Formal Methods

– Human-Computer Interaction

– Information Privacy and Security

– Process Modeling

– Query Processing and Optimization

– Programming Languages

– Refactoring

– Requirements Engineering

– Search-Based Software Engineering

– Software Economics and Metrics

– Software Evolution and Maintenance

– Software Reuse

– Software Testing and Analysis

– Software Visualization

– Software Validation and Verification

– Recent Trends in Software Engineering

Machine Learning and Optimization

– Artificial Intelligence

– Big Data Analysis, Security Issues in Big Data

– Cloud / Grid / Distributed Computing

– Cognitive Science

– Component Analysis

– Data & Knowledge Engineering

– Digital Image Processing

– Evolutionary Optimization

– Information Theoretic Learning

– Intrusion Detection/Prevention Techniques

– Multi Agent Systems

– Multimedia Technologies

– Optimization Technique

– Recent Trends in Machine Learning

– Robotics and Automation

– Statistical Learning

VLSI Design and Automation

– Communication Circuits

– Device/Circuit Simulation and Modeling

– Digital Circuits and ASIC

– Electronic System Level Design

– Emerging Trends and Development in VLSI

– Embedded Systems

– Low Power CMOS Design

– Logic Synthesis and Physical Design

– MEMS and Sensors Design

– RF, Analog and Mixed-Signal Circuits

– System-on-Chip and Network-on-Chip

– VLSI Testing and Reliability

Aerospace Computing

– Aerospace systems and software engineering;

– Verification and validation of embedded systems;

– Machine learning, and knowledge management for aerospace systems;

– Human-automation interaction and

– Systems health management for aerospace systems.

– Applications of autonomous systems,

– Systems engineering principles, and

– Safety and mission assurance

For other details please visit:


Should you have any other concern feel free to contact:

Dr. Shuai Li

University of Cambridge

United Kingdom

Email: sl814@cam.ac.uk

from CFPs on Artificial Intelligence : WikiCFP http://ift.tt/2u3DpqY


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