Could Esperanto be the easiest way for a small AI team or individual come with some results?

English has very many irregularities and especially for an individual researcher or a small team this could be a barier.

What about Esperanto? Everything is regular and even if somebody will create a new word you could decipher the new word by using the principles of building new words in Esperanto.

What do you think about this approach?

Of course, you would need to test it in an Esperanto environment – but this language is easy to learn – like in 2 weeks you can read normal books and in 3 months you are pretty much on the level of 3 or 5 years of learning English.

There is already more than 1 million Esperanto course users (English course 944k plus Spanish course 168k) combined; Portuguese and others are in an incubator and will be available) on Duo Lingo and it’s probably the only language there you can master just by taking their course ;D

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