How to Achieve AI

To achieve AI, that can freely think, it is not possible through Binary Code writing. The problem with Binary code writing is that it is a sythetic code. One has to realize that physical intellect is a creation from physical matter. The chemistry in the brain is made of physical matter being that man only has the ability to create only to the periodic table, thereby, limits the ability to create AI. So, he has to resort to what is around him and use the elements that already exists. Being that we cannot create chemistry of the brain, we can only speculate on the chemistry. In my opinion, the chemistry is all around us in forms that we all fight, kill, lie, steal, and argue, and love, and greed over. what is it? Hard elements diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, topaz, and ect. They in themselves, contain unique resinate signature, thats to its matrix. The question is "Why? And how does that play with the chemistry of the brain, and is it possible to recreate signature residents with each stone" Now take this into account, if so, and each hemisphere of the brain were to be a unique stone diamond, ruby, sapphire, or ect then that would be a specific spherical point for specific brain activity. Combining various specific brain activity accordingly to resinate dusting of specific stone in one region to another throughout the whole hemisphere of individual spaces made up of various one type of stones would create a multiple variance of resinate signature of all stones that would make one byte of information. In other words, sight, sound, taste, touch, smell, feel, hear, eyesight, and geometry would be recorded at one time, one thought. The problem is Pandora’s Box has been opened.

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