Isn’t creating strong AI as “simple” as creating a fully simulated life form, down to the molecules, starting as we believe life on earth may have started, and letting it go through DNA mutation natural selection, but at a faster rate of progress?

This seems to be the most likely way we get to strong AI – by starting actual simulated life with actual simulated DNA molecules and all the physical chemical interactions so as to introduce enough complexity and randomness, getting completely out of the way and only controlling the speed of mutations, the requirements for survival, and the speed of the reactions themselves.

Sped up enough, and with the right requirements for survival at each iteration, it seems that this would inevitably let you guide its natural selection toward actual intelligence within its simulated environment.

Granted, this would take extremely immense computing power, although I don’t know if the actual molecules and their physics need to be represented in true form, or if some shortcuts could be made, but the end result, I think, would be a clear path of rapid, true evolution.

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