Is conciousness a necessity for true intelligence?

So, we wont figure this out with any certainty but I would like to hear your thoughts on the matter.

There is often a debate about whether or not conciousness is even necessary for an AI or if it could just be devilishly smart without having any. To answer this, i think, is incredibly hard, not just because we cant prove non-existance but rather because its a sort of mindfuck to think about a truly smart albeit unconcious being through your own concious mind.

Recently i caught myself writing: "I cant imagine an unconcious entity being truly intelligent although I could imagine something smarter than me creating something i would deem smart or concious (or both) while actually being neither" I didnt end up writing that because it would open up too many side questions (if it quaks like a duck…) and taking in "something" smarter was beside the point at that time anyway. But the question stuck with me and I keep pondering whether "it" could exist or whether "it" would even need a concious creator.

I think up until now I was thinking that conciousness is, on the one hand a necessity (because how can i deem something smart if it cant answer the easiest questions about itself or its existence) (or how can it answer those questions without being concious) on the other hand i would consider "conciousness" to sort of follow or come from intelligence. As in something that realizes something exists (or doesnt) must (if smart enough) realize its own existence and so forth. I guess my own answer would be yes theortically possible but we would necessarily need a concious AI first to create an illusion elaborate enough to fool us, so no in the practical sense of what we’ll be creating first or are hoping for in the near future.

I think maybe the "thinking" part (we experience as "us") isnt necessary but then one already needs a ‘theory of mind’ and it all becomes even more complicated.

In terms of theories i would side with Integrated Information Theory, which if i understood it correctly would mean intelligence (in our common sense understanding of it) and conciousness would go hand in hand but please correct me or elaborte if you know more about ITT or other theories, or just your thoughts in general. Thanks 🙂

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