Artificial Intelligence Helps to Keep Tired Drivers Awake

By Digital Journal

August 7, 2017


A drowsy driver.

A new artificial intelligence platform is designed to keep drowsy drivers comfortably alert.


Researchers at Panasonic have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) platform to keep tired drivers comfortably alert at all times.

The device functions differently based on an assessment for drowsiness, which the platform conducts.

The assessment rates driver drowsiness on a five-level scale, ranging from not drowsy to seriously drowsy.

The in-car system detects and evaluates drowsiness using a combination of cameras and sensors to analyze vital signs such as the rate of blinking, facial expressions, heat loss from the body, and the degree of illuminance of the skin.

More data is recorded about the quality of the driving, enhanced by in-vehicle environmental sensors. The data is then processed via AI and a machine assesses how drowsy the driver is.

Panasonic says the system can identify the onset of drowsiness before the driver is aware of it. The sensors can adjust the environment, such as lowering the temperature inside the vehicle, to keep the driver awake.

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