We Are Looking For 1-2 Ppl For Our Accountability/Mastermind Group

Hi all,

I am part of a small accountability/mastermind group focused on business and self-improvement. We are looking for people who dream big, and can take the small steps necessary to get to their individual goals. I know there are multiple new businesses starting up around AI, so I thought this small accountability group might help somebody in this AI subreddit.

The group meets on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month over google hangouts from ~ 7:45pm – 9 pm EST (mandatory). We also meet 1-on-1 on alternate weekends informally (optional), to get to know and check in with each other.

To give an idea of the group: One of the members is a CEO of a VR and Ethereum startup. He won the competition at one of the biggest startup launch conferences in SF. Going for multimillion$ ICO, was a regional sales manager for one of the big telecom companies. A second person is a COO and 20 year veteran of a legal startup, leading a group of 20 lawyers. He has developed a number of habits (coldshowers/meditation/GTD/journaling) and is working on starting a tech startup. Me: 1. Finished my phd from a top 3 US university in my field 2. Fixed my sleep schedule (go to sleep at 8:30 wake at 3:30 ish am), 3. Meditate everyday 4. Follow a strict IF diet 5. went from being extremely introverted to a point, where my circle consists of a few CEOs and heavy hitters 6. Starting a business in SV 7. Dropped 50 lbs

We have ~3-4 members who attend regularly and have 1-2 open positions. I think the best accountability/mastermind relationship happens when you know and trust the other person, as a result regular voice/video chat is necessary. We have 3 hot-seat meetings (where members get time to talk in detail about their long term plans and get feedback) and jointly discuss 1 book on business/self-development on the 4th meeting, every 2 months.

We have a 75% attendance requirement (over 2 months), and an organized structure for efficiently conducting the meetings.

Please fill out this form, if you are interested. We will get back to you by the end of this month: http://ift.tt/2sFuvCn

Thanks for checking this out.. and hope you guys have a great week!

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