CRoNe 2018 : 4th Congress con Robotics and Neuroscience

CRoNe is a focused, multidisciplinary event organized by the Innovation and Robotics Students group at UTFSM, being a meeting point for people from engineering, human and biological sciences for developing and understanding complex intelligent systems.

During its 4th version, the Congress on Robotics and Neuroscience will be focused on four different areas:

– Development of meaning: with approaches from Developmental Robotics, Machine Learning, and Brain-based theories.
– Predictive coding for cognitive development: introducing analyses from Neuroscience, Computational Neuroscience, and AI.
– Multimodal cognition: under neuroscientific and psicological scopes.
– Experimental analyses and methodologies: presenting novel methodologies for closed-loop brain training, brain functional connectivity analyses and Machine Learning applications.

The Congress considers 3 introductory workshops to be defined, related to one or more of the previously detailed areas.

– Abstract submission: August 10, 2018
– Paper submission: August 30, 2018
– Paper acceptance: October 10, 2018
– Early registration: October 15, 2018
– Conference dates: November 15 to 17, 2018.

All applications must be submitted through:;

Submitted works must be original, and formatted according to:

The maximum length is 1500 characters.
A minimum extension of 5 pages*.
A maximum extension of 7 pages.
Uploaded in PDF (.pdf) format.
Must follow this one-column Latex template:;

Submissions will be peer-reviewed. Selected contributions will be presented in a poster session during the Congress.

*A paper not meeting the minimum extension, but determined as interesting and relevant by the editors, could still be included as an invited work.

Topics for submissions include, but are not limited to:

– Cognitive Sciences
Computational cognitive systems
Cognitive development
Cognitive neuroscience
Augmented cognition
Artificial perception
Language and action development
Reasoning, Inference and Planning
Sensory substitution

– Computational Neuroscience
Structural and Functional models for connectivity
Computational modelling of micro, meso and macroscopic neural networks
Network analysis
Novel physiological insights based on CN models
Neural coding

– Representation Learning for Human and Robots
Knowledge representation and reasoning
Neurosymbolic computing
Human Behaviour Modeling
Crossmodal learning

– Robotics and AI
Developmental Robotics
Collaborative Robotics
Human-Robot Interaction
Affective Computing
Deep learning
Evolving deep networks
Transfer learning in deep learning
Bio-inspired robotics
Reinforcement Learning
Robotic and Virtual Embodiment
Robotic-Assisted Rehabilitation
Performance metrics and benchmarking
Applications on Healthcare, Media and Entertainment, Manufacturing, Natural Resources, Government, Etc.

CRoNe2018 proceedings shall be submitted to for online publication, an OPEN, recognized ISSN publication series.

The proceedings ebook for the Congress considers an ISBN identification.

The conference will be held at Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, in Valparaíso, Chile. Immerse in a World Heritage Seaport City, this University has more than 85 years of activities in research and education.

Valparaíso by itself is a colored city with a natural amphitheater-like setting with impressive open views, characterized by a vernacular urban fabric adapted to the hillsides; and, is a neighbor city of the tourist capital of Chile, Viña del Mar, which is located 5 minutes from the conference location.

Other magnificent touristic destinations, as the Atacama Desert, the Easter Island, or the millennial glaciers and waterfalls from Torres del Paine are at one local flight away.

All questions about the Congress, including submission, registration or any other event information, should be emailed to

from CFPs on Artificial Intelligence : WikiCFP

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