AI in sales?

A lot of software provide lead generation services for b2b contacts where you define certain parameters and get contact information of business owners or business professionals.

I get how this can be accomplished for small businesses by scraping directories but how do these software do it for bigger organizations? For example a search filter could be "VP of Sales at Technology companies in San Francisco having 500-1000 employees" and the output is the name, email, social links etc of the contacts with pretty good accuracy.

These softwares claim to use AI to do it but can anyone give me a working understanding or theory? There aren’t any directories for information like this that can be scraped and have a good quality control on the data. Scraping linkedin is also an option but would it be efficient considering the anti-bot measures they use? Yes they can also use API integrations of existing solutions but then where do the API providers get the data?

Some examples are,,,


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