Celestial Intellect Cybernetics #ai #agi #deeptech #startup

CIC is a deeptech startup that’s building a peer-to-peer, exa-scale AGI platform for automating data science. There will be both exciting research and business related updates in the near future. You can find a new paper that is an overview of the Omega architecture on our net feeds.

We hold a Seal of Excellence from European Union. Stay tuned.

NB: I could not decide if this is self-advertisement or not, we are an AI startup coming out of stealth. I though it would be interesting for the general audience. If the mods are uncomfortable with this post, please let me know and I will happily remove it. There has been a heinous attack on the previous post in which a certain user called Skynet512 abused the post, claiming the github page does not contain our own code, that is not true. However, I make the Celestial releases under my personal account here: https://github.com/examachine which are duplicated on the CIC page: https://github.com/celestial-intellect/. We are not an open source startup, though. The AGI code is completely proprietary since it contains many innovations, we are only releasing simpler data mining code under AGPL which are still quite interesting for the AI community, find bitdrill there which is the fastest FIM code in the world! I am explaining this only to deflect the abuser. Thank you for your understanding, and much love.

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