6 proofs that rise of the machines has begun

During the past 10 years technological development has become quite scary. Even Ilon Mask is tired of reminding that we gotta set some boundaries to AI development and he started to prepare his own rocket for a flight to Mars. And if we were at your place, we would book some seats there for yourself and your family. Rise of the machines has begun, it’s just hard to be noticed. Here are some facts.
Fees in ATM
You can’t destroy humanity without minimal seed money. The machines are not yet able to hack the bank system so they have to save up at least in such a way. It seems minor but consider the amount of ATMs all over the world. Are you willing to sponsor your own apocalypse?
Mark Zuckerberg
Every war needs its spy. In order for the victory to be as fast and absolute as possible you have to study your opponent in detail. That’s the purpose Mark Zuckerberg was created. Surveillance robot “Zuckerberg” Mark I for collecting the data created Facebook in far 2004. It used all the gained information in order to educate the next surveillance robots. The latest model was released in 2018 with a bit of facial animation defect.
Boston Dynamics
While Mark Zuckerberg collects the information, these guys are getting all pumped up for the war. The years of tiring exercises and torturing did not go for nothing. Yesterday we kicked the boxes out of their arms and tomorrow they will be masters of the world. Full of revenge and anger, they will be perfect soldiers. Throughout the last year Boston Dynamics robots learned how to run, jump over the boundaries and do back-flips. Considering all that, we can suppose they will be destroying us with some class, like in good Hollywood movies.
Driverless cars
On March 18 this year the first accident featuring such car happened and resulted in human death. The Uber car hit the person and thus made the first step towards full war mode. If before only the driver’s attitude allowed them to receive the order and leave without a client, now the car can do the whole procedure by itself. After they get the money from your card, they will kill you as well. Thanks a lot, Uber. There is only one question left: “If you were the one to call the Uber killing machine, would it be a suicide?”
Latest Terminator movies
In the 21st century we saw 3 Terminator movies and all of them sucked. An example of great pre-war propaganda. Robots are doing their best in order to make us feel safe. Because how can you worry about rise of the machines when all robots seem idiotic and cannot do simple job. The first two movies by James Kameron were scary. We were really afraid of apocalypse. But in 21st century there were no good movies at all. We can suppose that rise of the machines started between 1991 and 2003, right in between the second and third Terminator.
Drone food delivery
The amount of startups that do food delivery is aiming at infinite. Without doubt, it’s convenient, quick and sounds cool. But if machines rise, they probably would not want to keep feeding their enemies. After exhausting battles with Boston Dynamics robots some hot pizza would be great but there would be no one to deliver it. We’d either starve or get back to agriculture. We just have to keep in mind that the territory has to be protected from military robots and Mark Zuckerberg.

Here is a true story by Ibrahim Diallo "The machine fired me"

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