The Maryland newspaper shooting seems to suggests AI facial recognition technology is ubiquitous in the U.S., is it really this widespread?

I was listening to CBS’s live news coverage of the mass shooting at the Capital Gazette newspaper as it was unfolding and they brought in a crime analyst early on to comment on what might be happening at the scene. I believe this was before they had even evacuated the building, perhaps shortly after.

He said matter-of-factly that law enforcement would be using "AI" to identify the perpetrator and determine also if he had an accomplice and it would be completed in a matter of minutes.

The news anchor seemed as surprised as I did when he mentioned AI and asked him what he meant. He said something to the effect that the camera system is connected through a router and police would somehow use that system with the help of software to determine who the shooter is and if he was the only one involved.

He said they would do immediately what it used to take days or weeks to do. I wasn’t listening intently at the time, but that’s the gist of what I believe he told her.

Anyway, it turned out they determined it was a lone shooter and when they took him into custody he wouldn’t cooperate and had altered his fingerprints apparently to hide his identity–and they apparently did in fact identify him from the cameras using facial recognition software.

What surprised me (but maybe not any of you) was the analyst, who wasn’t on the scene, didn’t know any details other than there was a shooting, and wasn’t talking to the law enforcement involved had predicted with certainty that there would be this type of camera system and LE would be able to use it to the identify the suspect right away.

To me it seems to suggest facial recognition in general is so widespread that any local law enforcement agency would have the identity of any person walking into any office building anywhere in the U.S. (not just a major city) and identify them–as well as figure out if they had a connection to any other person walking into the building, almost immediately, using AI.

So my question, finally, is how much truth do you think there is all this?

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