Some questions about the future jobs on AI

I´ve been working as a frontend developer for more than 7 years but I know AI is the future and I find it (luckily) amazing. I have no previous experience working with AI but I’m really interested so I´ve started a course of deep learning on Udemy to have an initial start point. It’s goin very well so far, a little bit confused sometimes with the deep maths used here, but in general I feel happy with the progress so far.

As I said, I’m completely convinced that AI will be in very high demand in the next few years, of course right now it’s highly demanded on Silicon Valley, but at the moment it’s not like there are many job offers out there (I’m living in New Zealand right now). But right now, because I have no idea about the big picture I have a good bunch of questions about
the future working on AI, so here are some of my questions:

1) Do you think AI jobs will be in high demand as (for example) frontend jobs? If so, when do you think that would start happening?

2) The course I’m following uses Keras to teach, but I understand (but maybe I’m wrong) that "raw" Tensorflow and other "low-level" libraries are more commonly used in real jobs. I like Keras because I don’t need to code my own models for example but I can understand that in real projects you would need more power/flexibility. Been said that, I would like to see libraries like Tensorflow to evolve and give more abstraction (like for example React/Angular does in frontend). Do you think in the future there will be a good abstraction layer or do you think you will still need to implement the deep maths?

3) I was looking at some job offers and I was amazed that the salaries are not as good as (for example) for React jobs. I think AI is far more complex and you need to be quiet smarter to code a Neural Network. So my question in this case is, if AI is highly demanded, very complex and there are a very few people capable to work on this, why that is not reflexed on the salaries? What do you think the salaries for ML/DL would be in the next few years?

Thank you so much in advance for the time you took reading this.

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