What kind of AI device would you use a smart chip for?

Hi everyone,

The Future Technology Contest introduces a new smart chip. This is a revolutionary technology that can make devices think, hear, see and moreover remember and understand many things around us. It is for personal, not industrial/large business use. Due to the chip’s very small size, devices embodying this technology can be worn/carried/used24 hours a day.

Imagine a device that can think, hear, see, and remember what happens around you. What will you use it for?

In the Future Technology Idea Contest, you will brainstorm ideas for innovative new products and services that can embody this new smart chip. We will award prizes for the three best ideas: 1st prize value: $500; 2nd prize value: $300; 3rd prize value: $200. The deadline for idea submissions is July 15th, 2018.

With this project, we aim to use the principles of crowdsourcing and co-creation to promote innovation and develop new products and services.


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