I still say if sensors knew what they were lookin at, everything you can imagine AI doing we already know how to do.

Step /#1: Digitize some 3d objects
Step /#2: Have a camera/laser rangefinding system understand it is looking at those specific items

Step /#3: Make general case of figuring out nearly everything not just interchangeable parts we can database. Figure out things that may be different each time… like trees.

Once AI understands what it sees around it, or told by networked AI who mapped places out… you have nouns. Modify nouns by adjectives like changing the color. And then you’re well on your way to having natural language come naturally.

Have your 3d meshes of objects stored in a format with some rough material data so you can simulate physics some. Then the robot can think ahead for some common possibilities or even upload the situation to a server which can computer many different possible outcomes to a situation.

The whole system becomes not too much different than video game AI once you have objects in memory to navigate and interact with. You start with hard coded tasks/functions to start cuz that is the easiest such as databasing verbs. But once that is done, and your robot has natural language that came naturally, you can program it just by its owner talking to it.

A lot of people balk at the notion that as something as complex as AI would have a lot of hard coded portions, but it is the easiest way to get things done once you have a system that understands the world around it.

I can grasp the systems required to make AI, but I don’t have a lot of interest in learning advanced computer vision right now. I’ll just wait around until other people do it. Just watch though… once they have the ability to understand most/all objects around, thats when anything AI is imagined to do will start to be done.

This is just casual talking. Maybe everyone already knew this stuff. It probably isn’t new for a lot of people. The hard part is doing computer vision to understand every 3d object around… but start with a small subset of objects, and you can have warehouse grade robots where you can control the environment and limit objects interacted with.

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