AI & robotics workforce replacement & new society discussion

As an intern in R&D in neural networks I want to have your opinion on the future replacement of a lot of jobs due to the improvement of AI/ML algorithms. In my point of view, hard labor will be replaced by combining good robotics system and AI control units. We should be aware of this but not afraid. Is it normal that in the XXI century some people are earning just enough to survive by doing hard labor, even if it causes physical injuries ? I don’t think so. We could be glad that the 4.0 industry will remove a lot of physical jobs as at the same time it will create tons of others. Maybe it is the time to rethink our society and our vision of work.

Unemployment has to be redefined. In the north of Europe some people are talking about universal financial support. Maybe this is one way, the other way would be to develop training for unskilled workers but we can’t force someone to learn new aptitudes..

In the USA, Congress is very worried about work replacement due to AI. This replacement will definitely happen, same as in the early 1800 when industry revolution changed our society. We have to be prepared for this before it is too late.

One ethical system would be to give enough to everyone to be able to live decently without work and more to the one who are creating value. Would it be possible to implement such a system with automation of food supply, distribution and services ? Some start-up in California are building autonomous farming robots and they can reduce environment impact (no need to use pesticides) as well as producing good food. This is one example of using in a good way robots and AI.

I dream of a world where you don’t have to work but you can do whatever please your mind. Spiritual elevation, culture and happiness should become at the center of our society. Automation and IA doesn’t mean we can’t be in control, we could have the better control on our environment and society than ever.

On the other hand, from what I know of robotics systems, AI and governments behavior, I am very afraid of what people could do with such technologies. Robotic system are already able to track moving target, they are all based on stream of informations. Boston Dynamics is funded partially by the U.S army and this might lead to a very scary application of their robotics systems. Same with behavior prediction, with the right learning everyone could become predictable and governments would be able to control most of us. They already have a gigantic database on more than 50 procent of people.

The problem will be to implement a new balance between control and freedom.

What do you think ?

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