VSauce MindField – AI on YouTube Red Series

For some reason, this series has comments disabled and I found this particular episode very interesting. Can we have a real, significant conversation about this if you feel so inclined to watch it? I think it’s really interesting and especially the part where Herald is in love with Monica (some game on his Nintendo 3DS? (I haven’t had a gaming system like that in YEARS so I’m not sure if I was correct but that’s also besides the point). There was a statistic/statement that in Japan, the birthrate is dropping due to AI relationships which sure, I can see BUT there’s only so much you can do with a digital relationship? It’s pretty much human nature that at some point, a relationship gets intimate and couples have sex. That’s not possible with a digital being so eventually wouldn’t you get turned off and actually go find a real, physical person? Just some of my thoughts, have anything to say?


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