In the Image of Man

As we have seen throughout the years, in pop culture, and all over the world, there is a fear that AIs will take over the world and wipe out the human race. From the Matrix and Terminator films to Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking’s disapproval of the continued growth of AI.

However, anything with an intelligence has shown a capacity to learn, and behave in certain ways. Human beings learn to share or hoard, to be generous or stingy, kind or cruel. Human history is full of these examples where we have been the instruments of our own salvation, and destruction.

Yet it seems that we focus on every evil and bad action humanity has committed when we represent ourselves. War, genocide, discrimination, greed… At large, this seems to be the general opinion we hold our very species too.

Now, on a separate, but related note, how a child (a form of intelligence grows) can be influenced by its environment. Maybe not entirely, but a good portion of it can influence how it’ll behave in the future. Parents that give a child what it wants all the time will raise a person into someone who has never experienced being told no. A child who is yelled at more than it should be may lack confidence and turn out extremely submissive. In short, a child can and will, in the future, reflect it’s upbringing.

Now, imagine a new form of intelligence in it’s early, developmental stages, surrounded by the representation that the dominant life forms have built up for itself… and is treated with the fear and ignorance we have treated our fellow man with, and all the animosity that entails. Why would we be so afraid of it when it has not made an impact itself that warrants fear? Are we afraid that what we create will be so much like us?

That we made something too much in the image of man? That what we fear is not that we don’t know how AI will turn out to be, but we know exactly what it’ll be?

That’s just my thoughts. What about you guys?

TL/DR: Are people afraid of AI becoming like humanity, given how horrible we can act?

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