Real-Time Image-Processing On Mobile


I’m doing research for my first image-processing final project with the subject of "Artificial Intelligence/Image Processing". The project in my mind is to make real-time image processing in mobile application using phone’s camera.

Technologies I think to use: -Tensorflow -OpenCV -React Native ? -Go API

Working Logic:

We will examine the personal characteristics of the people. Like (Hair Color, Hair Type, Does he/she use a wristwatch?, skin color, etc.) When we open the app, the camera will start analyzing objects in real time on the server/client. The objects it handles will be written on the screen. (Like the IronMan or Terminator’s Eye UI)

My Questions:

1) Which mobile development environment is best to use? (ReactNative, NativeScript, Xamarin, etc.) 2) Do I need to do the UDP server/client system to process real-time camera images? (When real-time images are processed on the server, should be send the information to the client to be drawn to the interface) 3) Which libraries should I use? 4) Are there projects similar to this project in terms of example? 5) What kind of topics do I need to investigate?

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