What are the best universities for studying AI/ML in Europe?

I’m aware this is a change from the usual content of this subreddit, but I do not know a better place to post this(feel free to tell if you do).

Anyway, I’m a student in Europe that would like to do a master related to AI/Machine Learning(ML) in Europe. I would like to go to the US/UK, where the leading universities are, but they are generally far too expensive for me. Most other universities in Europe(excluding the UK) would likely be more affordable for me. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find this information successfully online. (The rankings that do exists are also usually focused on research, instead of education.) I was hoping the people in this subreddit would be able to help me.

The relevant information on this point could have a very big impact on my future career, so any help is appreciated by a great amount!

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