Personalizing human-robot interaction may increase patient use Determining the elements in the human-robot interaction that make users more motivated to continue is important in designing future robots that will interact with humans on a daily basis, say investigators looking into their use in healthcare.

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The Search to Find Another Earth Like Ours Is Heating Up

Are there other planets out there like our own? If so, could other forms of life, intelligence, or civilizations inhabit them?

This age-old question is a key part of the study of exoplanetology, the scientific field dedicated to looking for planets beyond our solar system. The first exoplanet was discovered in 1988, and since, the search has been ceaseless—and pretty successful too.

In this week’s episode of Tech-x-planations you’ll learn about exciting exoplanet discoveries over the last few decades, which ones might have liquid water, and whether any may be capable of sustaining human life.

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Are edible insects the next superfood? CRICKETS and ants could be popping up on a menu near you (and you can … – Daily Mail

Daily Mail

Are edible insects the next superfood? CRICKETS and ants could be popping up on a menu near you (and you can …
Daily Mail
They crawl, hop, squirm, wiggle… and they could be creeping onto a menu near you. Edible insects are touted as the next ‘superfood’ – packed full of protein, nutrients, potassium, magnesium and three times more fatty acids than omega-3 in salmon.

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Mad Ants rolling outheavy talent | Mad Ants | The Journal Gazette – Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

Vigilant Sports

Mad Ants rolling outheavy talent | Mad Ants | The Journal Gazette
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
When the Mad Ants hit the floor tonight at the ASH Centre for their first practice of the season, they will do so with heightened expectations. It wi …
Mad Ants add three players in G League Draft | News, Sports, Jobs …News Sentinel

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Are You An AI Expert? Then Have Your Say!

Hi. I’m modenq (modest enquirer, being a PhD student) and, over the last few months, as part of my PhD project, I have been interviewing AI experts across the world.

With that input, I am trying to map the AI landscape and, looking through the eyes of those experts, see what the AI risk, safety and ethics (RiSE) issues really are and where they sit on that landscape.

What’s in it for participants?

Subject to my work being published later, the opportunity to set the record straight: some of the people I have spoken to are concerned about the coverage of AI and RiSE issues in the mainstream media and opinions being offered by eminent people who are, nevertheless, not AI experts. Participants will also get an executive summary of findings.

Who is an AI expert?

I treat AI broadly (a constellation of technologies per the AI Now 2016 Report) and, from my point of view, if you are actively engaged in one or more of AI research, development and implementation (or have been within the last five years), you are an expert. However, I really need more experts to talk to, either on the record or off the record – note that I can offer cover IDs and other options.

I am after a broad cross-section of views from around the world and right across the AI community; on the latter, I am branch/sub-field neutral, approach-neutral, method-neutral and application-neutral. I want to hear from you regardless of your level of seniority or your job sector (academia, industry, government – all welcome).

Are you willing to talk to me?

The interview process usually takes between 40 minutes and an hour and is based on a one-on-one semi-structured interview – somewhere between a formal Q&A and a discussion – typically done via videocall. If you are interested in participating, please PM me and I can provide more details.

NB Even if you don’t want to participate directly, I would be most interested to see your views below.

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