15 Deep Learning Open Courses and Tutorials

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Microsoft execs say in 20 years we’ll all have digital assistants that will be our alter egos — and we need to set ground rules while we still can


Microsoft execs say in 20 years we'll all have digital assistants that will be our alter egos — and we need to set ground rules while we still can submitted by /u/Rugby11
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any good talks about AI?


Im looking for some interessting talks (maybe on conferences) about AI,mostly from a pop-science perspective but I dont mind more detail. Im comeing from the AI Article from waitbutwhy and was wondering if theres more out there that tackles the topic. Any kind of video source would be appreciated.

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WASMM 2018 : Web and Social Media Mining


The Web has become an indispensable instrument in the daily life for business activities, learning, entertainment, communication, etc. Offer of products and services to Internet users is practically unlimited, nevertheless, this apparent advantage is also a great drawback due to the fact that the Web provides from multiple sources a great quantity of heterogeneous information difficult to handle and interpret. In this context, data mining methods arise as efficient tools for helping users in the recovery of suitable information, products or services from the Web. For that reason, recommender systems have become very popular in recent years, mainly in the e-commerce sites, although they are increasing in importance in other areas such as e-learning, tourism, news pages, etc.

Nowadays, social networks are big sources of data, from which valuable information can be extracted by means of datamining algorithms. Social media mining allows us to explore a wide range of aspects regarding users, communities, networks structures, information diffusion and so on.

WASMM aims at providing a forum for the presentation and discussion of the advances achieved in the web mining field.


Topics of interest may include, but are not limited to, the following matters

Web Mining: content, structure and usage mining.

Web Mining Agents.

Opinion mining.

Sentiment analysis.

User profiling and personalization.

Social influence analysis.

Community analysis.

Recommender Systems: Technologies, methodologies and applications.

Context-aware recommender systems.

Recommender Agents.

Semantic Web Technologies for Recommender Systems.

Semantic Web Mining.

Semantic Web Personalization.

Visualization Techniques.

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