Will Smith’s ‘Date’ With Sophia The AI Robot Ends Firmly In The Friend Zone


Will Smith’s 'Date' With Sophia The AI Robot Ends Firmly In The Friend Zone submitted by /u/altheist
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Help To Identify Every Shoe On Earth With AI Powered Brand Detection Software.


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An AI based on a Blockchain … An Immortal AI.

So I thought about it a little and I am sure many before me would have had this idea.

Let’s assume that I made an artificial intelligence program that would generate videos, post it on YouTube, take the ad revenue and then add more computational power to itself. This would result in the AI being immortal?? Well kind of, because till the time even a single node is running the AI, new blocks are being mined and it the AI running.

Now let’s look at the bigger picture. So somehow the smart brains on earth make an ai that could solve any problem, we tell the AI to remove/reduce Pollution, the most efficient method to do that would be to kill of humans, and because it is decentralised, it will be an immortal AI trying to figure out how to kill all humans, and if it figures out… We are DOOMED!!

But on a more serious note this is very well possible, may sound a little sci-fi but that is what we AI researchers deal with.

Also if you think we could completely abandon the AI, by making sure no node on this planet is running it, then think again, because if we use something like etherum as a platform for us to execute the AI, there is no stopping as it is a public blockchain.

These were my thoughts, Give me yours?

And if you disagree leave a comment with what you think, I would love to read it, but don’t downvote, I believe this is a very important topic for the future of AI, and Evey AI researcher should give there views.

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A.I. to re-skin “work” into “video games” via AR should be the future

I’m waiting for a utopian world where A.I. is used to eliminate waste from all facets of life. If everything was gamified through AR, there’d be no "work" and we’d continue to get productivity. Here’s hoping someone trains an A.I. to turn every chore into a game with a leaderboard. Sure, you might not care about the dishwashing S rank on your floor, but hopefully the lady next door will be happy to do them because she’s grinding dishwashing proficiency. And random fun activities throughout dishwashing as well as full metrics, with the A.I. knowing exactly how to encourage you to keep playing (just like how Bungie has done with their loot reward analytics).

But yeah, this was a stoner rant. Sorry.

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