What machine learning technique could I use to choose teams for our ultimate frisbee games based on past game data


A bunch of friends and I play ultimate every week. Recently I wrote a program to choose our teams for us, as well as keep track of certain data (like which players were on which team, which team won, what was the score, how long the game was, etc). I wanted to use a machine learning technique to make the teams for us in order to optimize how fairly balanced the teams are (possibly measured by how many total points are scored in a game or how long a game lasts).

I am currently taking a machine learning MOOC and being introduced to very basic machine learning techniques (linear regression with gradient decent or normal equations, basic classification stuff, stuff like that). Although I hope I will come across a technique that fits my needs by the end of this course, I wanted to ask here to see if I can get a head start.

I’ve tried searching around everywhere, but couldn’t find anything relevant. So my question is, is there an obvious technique I should look into for such a problem? If it’s something too advanced for a beginner, that’s fine too, but I’d like to get started learning/practicing it asap instead of waiting for my course to hopefully hit upon it.

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