A.I use cases on a bitcoin blockchain data set (Our project)

We are working on a project where we take the bitcoin blockchain data set (170+ GB) and use A.I (machine learning) for prediction and classification.

We are halfway through the project and wanted to get some feedback from the community on how should we proceed with our A.I use case. We dont want to force A.I in it. But rather define A.I usecases which we can be used on a blockchain dataset.

We are trying(have achieved) to do the following,

  1. Identify owners of bitcoin wallets addresses (much work has already been done and we are just building on top of other research).
  2. Classify transactions according to market segments (eCom, Trading, Investments etc).
  3. Identify set of transactions and then link them to users
  4. Observe the spending pattern of a user
  5. Use classification and clustering to group market segments

Do you have any suggestions on how can we use A.I on this kind of data set ?

P.S: This is an experiment, hobby project.

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